Facebook vs Google Plus – The Tough Trial!


The battle between Facebook and Google Plus has become extremely strong over the past few years! The rage is governed by many enticing factors and this makes life extremely difficult for advertisers. If you are a marketer or advertiser, you should choose between Facebook and Google Plus. Conversely, you must handpick an option based on your requirements and its drawbacks. And, in this article you will get what makes google win the battle for now.

What Makes Google a Better Platform For Advertisements?

Facebook and Google have unique options for advertisements. Technically, Google makes use of adwords, while Facebook exploits through Ads. Both these sites make use of PPC advertising channels. These are paid models that will confer you with free online marketing websites. From Facebook’s Fan Pages to Google’s Business sites, you can handpick from a wide range of options. Conversely, the real differences between Facebook and Google will become prominent based on the products you promote. Research proves that Google is a wiser and better pick for novice advertisers. This can be attributed to its targeting options, customized performance measures and huge array of formatting features. Unfortunately, Facebook lacks special ad formats.You may not want to buy google plus ones as they will make no difference on Google adwords.